Discourse Analysis

Discourse analysis may sound like a phrase you’d prefer to bypass. It may rank up there with college Greek terms such as “syntactical analysis” or “periphrastic constructions.” If you’re ready to skip to the next article, hold on! Discourse analysis is an important concept that every exegete of Scripture should desire to incorporate into his […]

Unlocking the Text: Part 3

Though everyone wants to know and believe “what the Bible really says,” the realm of theology is stereotypically one of debate. Debate often occurs, not because we don’t want to know what the Bible says, but because we can’t agree on the meaning of a word. “Popular appeals to ‘what the Bible really says’ are […]

Unlocking the Text: Part 2

“Understanding the context will help shed light on the text itself.” As previously discussed in the inital article of this series, many students have survived a year or two of Greek only to be left frustrated and wondering how to use their Greek. David Black states, “The student or pastor whose heart beats with passion […]