The Greatest Generation

When we think about the Greatest Generation, most of us think of WW2 battlefields and the sacrifice that the generation who grew up in the depression, served their country in Europe and the Pacific, gave their lives, and those who lived came home to build the greatest country the world has even seen. Fox News […]

Happy New Year from Maranatha Baptist Seminary

While purely symbolic, the start of a new year leads many people to consider some change in their lives. We live in a world where change seems to be the only constant anymore, and much of that change makes many of us nervous.  Change is not inherently a bad thing, however. New Year’s Resolutions are […]

Anemia in Fundamentalism

Fundamental Christian colleges are challenged with what seems to be an increasing trend in carnality and worldliness in the current generation. Historically the manifestations of carnality were revealed in superficial worldly conformity (immodesty, fleshly music, or careless social behavior). Such manifestations presented challenges, but the environment of many of the fundamental Christian colleges was relatively […]

Congratulations Dr. Mayes

Congratulations to Dr. Preston Mayes. Dr. Mayes successfully defended his dissertation and has been awarded his Ph.D. in Old Testament. His dissertation was “The Resident Alien, the Fatherless, and the Widow in Deuteronomy: the Priority of Relationship with Israel’s God for Social Benevolence.” Dr. Mayes’ completion of his PhD means that every faculty member at […]

God’s Pressure Cooker, Pt.1

Practical Help from 2 Corinthians 4:7-18 As a child, I well remember the sound of a whistle blowing to indicate that dinner was almost ready. It was the release valve on one of my mom’s favorite cooking utensils, her pressure cooker. She used the cooker to prepare vegetables and other dishes that needed to be […]

Gird Up Your Loins

As twenty-first century Christians we often are limited in our perceptions and interpretations of the Bible. We look at the Word of God through our own clouded lenses reflecting our personal backgrounds, education, language, and cultural biases. Without meaning to, we may limit the importance, significance and impact of idioms used in Scripture. In this […]