About Larry Oats

Dr. Larry Oats is currently the Dean of Maranatha Baptist Seminary, and has served in a variety of faculty and administrative position during his 40 year career at Maranatha.

Merry Christmas – What Exactly are we Celebrating?

Christmas is the celebration of the birth of the baby Jesus. There are numerous implications in that short statement. In the coming days, I want to flesh out what this all means – from where did the term come? why celebrate a birth? who exactly is this Jesus? did we get the date right or […]

The Imminent Decline of Contemporary Worship Music

There is an interesting blog concerning the decline of Contemporary Worship Music. Click here to read it all, or just read the following synopsis. 1. Compared to the last several centuries of hymns, the contemporary songs were, for the most part, poorly written. Gordon (the author of the blog) indicates that if less than 1% of […]

Postmodernism 11 – Reaching Postmoderns

The postmodern church began as a reaction to the megachurch movement and the impersonality of the big churches. The emerging churches all started small and promoted the superiority of their smallness. That is not heard so much anymore, now that some emerging churches have become the next megachurches. Some of the postmodern church members and […]

Postmodernism 10 – Theological Declarations

Because there are no absolutes in postmodern religion, identifying a specific theology for the movement is essentially impossible. So rather than try to develop a comprehensive theology, here are some statements from emerging church leaders that might help at least give us an idea of where they are and where they might be heading. God […]

Postmodernism 9 – Spirituality

In premodern and modern times, religion frequently included a debate over facts, such as: There is a God or there is not Jesus is the Son of God or he is not Miracles happened or they did not In postmodernism, however, religion is a preference. Since there are no absolutes, aesthetic criteria replace rational criteria. […]

Postmodernism 8 – Churches

One of the differences between “modern” churches and “postmodern” churches is the way they seek to “do church.” The modern churches have been heavy on programs – Sunday School, children’s church, youth programs, camping programs, visitation programs, and on the list could go. The postmoderns are more interested in relationships. They are generally not interested […]

Joy to the World

A few years ago I was in Kuala Lumpur (KL), the capital of Malaysia in late November. Malaysia is a “secular Muslim” country with some interesting political quirks. About two-thirds of the people are Muslim, and Islam is the official, constitutional religion. All ethnic Malays are by law automatically Muslim; any Malay that leaves Islam […]

Postmodernism 7 – The Postmodern Church

There is a rising feeling among emerging church leaders and followers of Jesus, that in many modern contemporary churches, something has subtly gone astray in what we call “church” and what we call “Christianity.” Through time, church has become a place that you go to have your needs met, instead of being a called local […]

Postmodernism 6 – Politics

Constitution Day seems an appropriate time to discuss postmodern politics. While postmodern thinking has been around for a number of years, we have now in the White House America’s first postmodern president. America was founded by people deeply engrained in the modern mindset. Individualism, with both the protection and encouragement of the individual, is at […]

Postmodernism 5 – Society

How does a postmodern mindset affect the way we live? Its effects upon art, literature, and architecture are, to a great extent, merely “interesting.”  We can ignore the postmodernism in these areas without it affecting how we live. When postmodernism begins to change the society in which we live, however, we will take notice. There […]