Dispensationalism: A Basis for Ecclesiastical Separation

One of the traditions subject to loss is ecclesi­astical sepa­ra­tion. Violations of this doctrine come from two directions. One is the isolationist position or the strong denominational posi­tion.

Kingdoms in Conflict: Examining the Use of “Kingdom of Heaven” in Matthew

Matthew is the only New Testament author to use the phrase “Kingdom of Heaven.” While the other gospels frequently reference the Kingdom of God, Kingdom of Heaven is uniquely Matthean. His extensive use of this phrase (thirty-two times) invites the question, What does Matthew mean by this Kingdom of Heaven?


Welcome to the first edition of the Maranatha Baptist Theological Journal. This peer-reviewed journal is the product of Maranatha Baptist Bible College and Seminary.

President’s Page

Maranatha has a rich and uncompromising heritage in Baptist fundamentalism. The duty to earnestly contend for the faith once delivered to the saints is part of Maranatha’s institutional fabric.

Maranatha is Dispensational

Maranatha Baptist Bible College and Seminary is committed to dispensational hermeneutics because dispensationalism provides a hermeneutic that allows the text to speak for itself.

Maranatha Commitment Statements

The purpose of this statement was to make clear to the Board of Trustees the commitment of the Bible faculty to biblical truth and the positions Maranatha has historically held.