Maranatha Baptist Theological Journal Volume 3.1

The E-Journal of Maranatha Baptist Bible College and Seminary, addressing theological and practical issues from a biblical viewpoint.

The official version of the Maranatha Baptist Theological Journal is presented in a downloadable document format, which contains original languages, page numbers, footnotes, and all else required for formal research. Click the seal below to view the document version now or download the full PDF.

The individual articles linked below have been modified to present a more readable online format. In most cases Greek words have been transliterated, page numbers have been eliminated, and footnotes have been converted to end notes.

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    Full Version – Volume 3.1

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    Maranatha Baptist Theological Journal Introduction


    The purpose of the Maranatha Baptist Theological Journal is to provide for our constituency, and for others who may be interested, articles from a Baptist, dispensa­tional, and conservative theological position. Articles are academic and practical, biblical and theological, focused on the needs of the pastor and church leader, and, above all, faithful to God’s Word. […]


    When Leviathan Strikes

    Answering Tough Questions When We Do Not Know the Answers   Pamela, a 27 year old college graduate, is facing a hopeful future as a budding graphic artist. The firm for whom she works quickly recognized her talent and has consistently entrusted her with more important accounts. Her creativity and precision in design, her eye […]

    Allan Ramsay, David Hume, 1711 - 1776. Historian and philosopher

    A Critique of David Hume’s On Miracles

    Are miracles possible? Or at least can we ever know if one has graced the pages of history? This is the question David Hume attempts to answer in section ten of his Enquiry Concerning Human Understanding. Hume is anything but humble when he asserts that he has found a refutation for miracles: “I flatter myself, […]


    Henry Dunster: Harvard’s Baptist President

    The freedoms enjoyed by Baptists today were obtained at a great price. The cost of conviction has often been costly, as it was in the New World. Henry Dunster was a man of influence whose convictions cost him dearly. The first real president of Harvard, Dunster was initially an Anglican, then a Separatist, and finally […]

    Prayer and God's Omniscience

    The Spirit and Prayer: Romans 8:26–27

    By John Herbert, V The work of the Spirit is a prominent theme in Romans 8. Romans 8:26 and 27 are the final explicit installment in Paul’s discussion of the ministry of the Spirit, and the main focus of these two verses is prayer. “No passage of Scripture provides greater encouragement for prayer. The Spirit […]


    Book Reviews

    Warren Wiersbe. On Being a Leader for God. Grand Rapids: Baker, 2011. 137 pages. Reviewed by David Lingle.   Wiersbe is consistently worth reading and this short book is no exception. Wiersbe considers this the sequel and companion to his previous book On Being a Servant of God. Wiersbe maintains that “Christian leaders are people […]