Maranatha Baptist Theological Journal Volume 2.2

The E-Journal of Maranatha Baptist Bible College and Seminary, addressing theological and practical issues from a biblical viewpoint.

The official version of the Maranatha Baptist Theological Journal is presented in a downloadable document format, which contains original languages, page numbers, footnotes, and all else required for formal research. Click the seal below to view the document version now or download the full PDF.

The individual articles linked below have been modified to present a more readable online format. In most cases Greek words have been transliterated, page numbers have been eliminated, and footnotes have been converted to end notes.

  • Journal Volume 2.2

    Full Version – Volume 2.2

    Leaf through the full version of Issue 2.2 in its original format below. You may search the document using the magnifying glass icon at the top left. Download the full journal in PDF format now [issuu showflipbtn=true documentid=130108223904-2a0ce57b16524e748cb09ba57c33f806 docname=mbtj-volume-2-2 username=maranathaedu loadinginfotext=Maranatha%20Baptist%20Theological%20Journal%20Volume%202.2 width=920 height=745 unit=px]

    Maranatha Baptist Theological Journal Introduction


    The purpose of the Maranatha Baptist Theological Journal is to provide for our constituency, and for others who may be interested, articles from a Baptist, dispensa-tional, and conservative theological position. Articles are academic and practical, biblical and theological, focused on the needs of the pastor and church leader, and, above all, faithful to God’s Word. […]

    Water that divides

    The Water That Divides: Baptism and Baptists

    By: Larry R. Oats In an article called “We Believe In: Water Baptism,” Arthur Farstad identifies a problem in the broad evangelical world: If one were writing an article on baptism for a Baptist publication – or a Church of Christ, Presbyterian, or Roman Catholic one – the task would not be too difficult. Each […]

    The Priorities of "The Fundamentals"

    Mark 13:32 Problem or Paradigm?

    By: Timothy Miller “But of that day and that hour knoweth no man, no, not the angels which are in heaven, neither the Son, but the Father” (Mk 13:32). Mark may not have even slightly hesitated his pen stroke as he recorded these words of Jesus. His readers, however, have spent hours over those three essential […]


    World View and Marriage

    Michael Dean Marriage, as a legal and cultural institution and as it has historically been known, is under attack in America. The purpose of this article is to address the legal definition of marriage and draw conclusions concerning how the Christian should respond to the attempts to modify the traditional and biblical definitions of this […]

    Hermeneutics Book Review

    Book Reviews

    Robert L. Thomas. Evangelical Hermeneutics – The New Versus the Old. Grand Rapids: Kregel, 2002. 524 pages. Reviewed by Fred Moritz. Post-modernism has affected the thinking of evangelical theologians, and it bleeds down into their writing and thus into the pulpits and churches across America and around the world. Much of the argument over theological […]