Maranatha Baptist Theological Journal Volume 2.1

The E-Journal of Maranatha Baptist Bible College and Seminary, addressing theological and practical issues from a biblical viewpoint.

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    Full Version – Volume 2.1

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    Maranatha Baptist Theological Journal Introduction


    The purpose of the Maranatha Baptist Theological Journal is to provide for our constituency, and for others who may be interested, articles from a Baptist, dispensational, and conservative theological position.


    The Landmark Controversy: A Study in Baptist History and Polity

    The purpose of this article is to trace the origins of the Landmark controversy and to see its ramifications for ecclesiology and local church polity. It will be necessary to briefly examine the preceding Campbellite controversy in order to set the stage for it.

    Fundamentalism and Social Involvement

    Fundamentalism and Social Involvement

    Fundamen­talism does have an interest in helping the less fortunate become the more fortunate, but it does so on its own terms. Since its approach is markedly different from the culture at large, its interest easily may be misconstrued as either a lack of interest or as simply supporting the status quo.

    The Priorities of "The Fundamentals"

    The Priorities of “The Fundamentals”

    In 1909, as Fundamentalism and theological Liberalism battled in the denominations, two Christian brothers purposed to publish a series of books which would set forth the fundamentals of the Christian faith. The priorities of The Fundamentals were, first the Bible, then key doctrines that were under attack by the liberals of the day.

    Prayer and God's Omniscience

    Prayer and God’s Omniscience

    Prayer is not only personal and regular for the believer, but it also defines the believer’s relationship to God to some extent. If a believer views prayer simply as a duty, his prayer life may be consistent, but it also might be consistently dull and shallow.


    Book Reviews

    Reviews from Dr. Fred Moritz and Dr. David Saxon of Bless God and Take Courage—The Judson History and Legacy, from Rosalie Hall Hunt and The Theology of B.B. Warfield: A Systematic Summary by Fred G. Zaspel.