About Larry Oats

Dr. Larry Oats is currently the Dean of Maranatha Baptist Seminary, and has served in a variety of faculty and administrative position during his 40 year career at Maranatha.

Dispensationalism: A Basis for Ecclesiastical Separation

One of the traditions subject to loss is ecclesi­astical sepa­ra­tion. Violations of this doctrine come from two directions. One is the isolationist position or the strong denominational posi­tion.

Book Reviews

Warren Wiersbe. On Being a Leader for God. Grand Rapids: Baker, 2011. 137 pages. Reviewed by David Lingle.   Wiersbe is consistently worth reading and this short book is no exception. Wiersbe considers this the sequel and companion to his previous book On Being a Servant of God. Wiersbe maintains that “Christian leaders are people […]

Henry Dunster: Harvard’s Baptist President

The freedoms enjoyed by Baptists today were obtained at a great price. The cost of conviction has often been costly, as it was in the New World. Henry Dunster was a man of influence whose convictions cost him dearly. The first real president of Harvard, Dunster was initially an Anglican, then a Separatist, and finally […]

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The Water That Divides: Baptism and Baptists

By: Larry R. Oats In an article called “We Believe In: Water Baptism,” Arthur Farstad identifies a problem in the broad evangelical world: If one were writing an article on baptism for a Baptist publication – or a Church of Christ, Presbyterian, or Roman Catholic one – the task would not be too difficult. Each […]

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The Priorities of “The Fundamentals”

In 1909, as Fundamentalism and theological Liberalism battled in the denominations, two Christian brothers purposed to publish a series of books which would set forth the fundamentals of the Christian faith. The priorities of The Fundamentals were, first the Bible, then key doctrines that were under attack by the liberals of the day.

Filled with or Full of the Spirit: Acts and Ephesians

This article will examine the concept and language of being “filled with the Spirit” in Luke and Acts and compare that with Ephesians 5:18, in order to demonstrate that these two fillings are not the same.


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