Maranatha Baptist Theological Journal Volume 3.2

The E-Journal of Maranatha Baptist Bible College and Seminary, addressing theological and practical issues from a biblical viewpoint.

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    Full Version – Volume 3.2

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    Maranatha Baptist Theological Journal Introduction


    The purpose of the Maranatha Baptist Theological Journal is to provide for our constituency, and for others who may be interested, articles from a Baptist, dispensa­tional, and conservative theological position. Articles are academic and practical, biblical and theological, focused on the needs of the pastor and church leader, and, above all, faithful to God’s Word.


    A Case for Cessationism

    The issue of whether revelation from God and the supernatural gifts of the Spirit have ceased is an issue of intense debate in the Christian world today. Perhaps the beginnings of the modern discussion can be traced to 1956 when Christian Life published the article “Is Evangelical Theology Changing?”

    Kingdom of Heaven

    Kingdoms in Conflict: Examining the Use of “Kingdom of Heaven” in Matthew

    Matthew is the only New Testament author to use the phrase “Kingdom of Heaven.” While the other gospels frequently reference the Kingdom of God, Kingdom of Heaven is uniquely Matthean. His extensive use of this phrase (thirty-two times) invites the question, What does Matthew mean by this Kingdom of Heaven?


    Dispensationalism: A Basis for Ecclesiastical Separation

    One of the traditions subject to loss is ecclesi­astical sepa­ra­tion. Violations of this doctrine come from two directions. One is the isolationist position or the strong denominational posi­tion.

    Jacob Wrestles God

    An Exposition of Jacob’s Experience at Jabbok: Genesis 32:22–32

    Is it possible for man to obtain God’s blessing through strictly human efforts? Does there come a time in each believer’s life when he is forced to lean completely on God and cling to him in helplessness and so receive the blessing that God desires to give him?

    Book Review

    Book Reviews

    Two books are reviewed in this edition: John Dyer, From the Garden to the City: The Redeeming and Corrupting Power of Technology and David P. Murray, Jesus On Every Page.